Our Mission

You-Va is an organization based on developing the youths and ones aiming life long learning at the areas stem, environment, gamification,human rights, entrepreneurship,art, music, health, refugees. We have experienced youths about national and international projects and innovative areas. Our members mostly are university students and aware of the education is the most important value to have developed societies. As the organization we aim to have youths;

  • being aware of European culture
  • being able to adapt to new situations
  • having problem solving skills
  • being able to work collaboratively and cooperatively
  • respecting different cultures and religions
  • having good communication skills
  • being creative and productive
  • having social and soft skills
  • having foreign language skills
  • aware of the human rights and trying to protect themselves and others’

Thanks to national and international projects we will be able to have youths being able to impact the world as sustainable development.